CoOpers Humble Beginings
Our Story
Created by Bahamians for Bahamians
Karlisha Mackenzie - Co-Founder & President

"CoOper App aims to pioneer a sharing economy in the Bahamas. This involves peer-to-peer services, within a ridesharing network"

CoOper's Humble Beginings - We did it for the Bahamian's

Founded in 2016, CoOper is a Native Mobile App that aims to pioneer a sharing economy in The Bahamas. This involves on-demand peer-to-peer services, within a network of ride-sharing, also labeled as "Uberization". CoOper's main mission is to help build a better Bahamas, and reduce the flow of traffic, which can create an eco-friendly environment. Bahamians, residents and visitors who wish to engage in CoOper will experience fast performance, and a high degree of reliability. This idea was brought to fruition by CoOper founders, Karlisha Mackenzie, a psychology & sociology major, and web and mobile app developers Mr. Delphino Gilbert Cassar and Mr. Arif Alim from 1magine Web Development.